Mopi, also known as Jesse Riedel, was a prominent member of the popular YouTube group 2Hype. With his unique personality and incredible basketball skills, he quickly became a fan favorite. However, much to the disappointment of his followers, Mopi decided to leave 2Hype. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Mopi’s departure and analyze the impact it had on both him and the 2Hype community.

The Rise of 2Hype

2Hype is a group of content creators on YouTube who primarily focus on basketball-related content. Founded by JesserTheLazer, the group includes several well-known influencers such as Jiedel, CashNasty, Kris London, ZackTTG, and of course, Mopi. Together, they created engaging and entertaining videos centered around basketball challenges, vlogs, and personal interactions.

Mopi’s Contribution to 2Hype

Mopi joined the 2Hype crew in its early days and quickly established himself as a key member. With his energetic personality and comedic timing, he brought a unique flavor to the group dynamic. Mopi’s basketball skills were also a significant asset, allowing him to participate in various challenges and contribute to the competitive nature of the content.

The Bond Within 2Hype

Beyond the content they created, the members of 2Hype formed close friendships and developed a strong bond. They not only collaborated professionally but also spent time together off-camera. This camaraderie was often evident in their videos, making the audience feel like they were part of a tight-knit group.

The Decision to Leave

Personal Growth and New Horizons

One of the main reasons behind Mopi’s departure from 2Hype was his desire for personal growth. After spending years in the group, Mopi felt the need to explore new opportunities and challenges outside the confines of 2Hype. This decision was not a reflection of any animosity within the group but rather a natural progression in his career.

Pursuing Individual Endeavors

Mopi expressed his desire to focus on his personal brand and create content that resonated with his own vision. While being part of 2Hype provided a platform for collaboration, it also limited Mopi’s ability to fully explore his creative potential. By leaving 2Hype, he gained the freedom to pursue his own ideas and projects, allowing him to carve a distinct path for himself in the YouTube landscape.

Seeking New Challenges

Another significant factor in Mopi’s departure was his longing for new challenges. Being part of 2Hype for an extended period, Mopi had already achieved great success within the group’s framework. However, he felt the need to step outside his comfort zone and tackle different ventures that would push him to grow both personally and professionally.

The Impact on Mopi and 2Hype

Mopi’s Journey Post-2Hype

After leaving 2Hype, Mopi faced both excitement and uncertainty as he embarked on a new chapter in his career. He continued to focus on basketball-related content, showcasing his skills and engaging with his audience. Mopi took this opportunity to refine his style and experiment with different types of videos, deepening his connection with his fans.

The Void in 2Hype

Mopi’s departure undoubtedly left a void within the 2Hype community. His absence was felt by both his fellow members and the audience who had grown accustomed to his presence. However, 2Hype as a group continued to create content and entertain their fans, adapting to the changes while maintaining the spirit that had made them successful.


In summary, Mopi’s decision to leave 2Hype was driven by his desire for personal growth, pursuing individual endeavors, and seeking new challenges. Although his departure left a void within the 2Hype community, it also opened up new opportunities for Mopi to explore his creative potential and connect with his fans on a deeper level. While we may miss seeing Mopi as part of the 2Hype crew, his decision serves as a reminder that sometimes stepping outside our comfort zones is necessary for personal and professional growth.


– Why did Mopi leave 2HYPE?
– What is Mopi’s reason for leaving?
– Was there a falling out between Mopi and the other members of 2HYPE?
– Is Mopi planning to join another content creator group?
– How has Mopi’s departure affected 2HYPE’s content?

Mopi left 2HYPE to pursue new opportunities and personal growth. He felt that it was the right time for him to explore other avenues and challenge himself outside of the group dynamic. There was no falling out between Mopi and the other members of 2HYPE. They continue to support each other and maintain a positive relationship. Mopi has not announced any plans to join another content creator group at the moment. His departure has led to a shift in 2HYPE’s content, but they have adapted and continued to create engaging and entertaining videos.

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