In the popular FanDuel commercial alongside Charles Barkley, the co-star is none other than legendary NFL quarterback, Peyton Manning. Manning, known for his outstanding football career and charismatic personality, brings his signature charm and wit to the screen, complementing Barkley’s humor and elevating the commercial to entertaining heights.


Phil MickelsonPhil Mickelson

Early Life

“Who is With Charles Barkley in Fanduel Commercial” was born and raised in the entertainment industry, honing their craft from a young age. Moving to different cities and immersing themselves in diverse cultures, they developed a versatile skill set that would serve them well in their future career. Their early experiences shaped their unique perspective and laid the foundation for their success alongside Charles Barkley in the Fanduel commercial.


Family MemberNameInformation
ParentCharcey GlennCharcey Glenn is Charles Barkley’s mother. She raised him in Leeds, Alabama, and has been a significant influence on his life. She has always been supportive of Charles’ career and is proud of his accomplishments.
ParentFrank BarkleyFrank Barkley is Charles Barkley’s father. He has played a crucial role in Charles’ life, especially in his early years. He has always been a guiding figure and has helped Charles become the person he is today.
SiblingDarryl BarkleyDarryl Barkley is Charles Barkley’s brother. He has been supportive of Charles throughout his career and has been a source of encouragement in both his personal and professional life.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

PersonHeightWeightBody Measurements
Kevin Love6’8″ (203 cm)251 lbs (114 kg)Not available
Melissa Rohlin5’5″ (165 cm)Not availableNot available

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Charles Barkley’s Relationships
PartnerRelationship PeriodDetails
Maureen BlumhardtMarried in 1989Charles Barkley was married to Maureen Blumhardt in 1989. Maureen is a former model and philanthropist.
There is no public information available about any other previous relationships.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

The person with Charles Barkley in the Fanduel commercial is a renowned sports figure who has made a name for themselves through their exceptional athletic abilities and public persona.

How They Became Famous

They became famous by excelling in their respective sport and garnering attention from fans and media alike. Their talent, personality, and numerous accomplishments have solidified their status as a well-known figure in the sports world.

Career Beginnings And Popular Works

Their career began with early involvement in their sport, where they displayed promise and skill that set them apart from their peers. They have competed at the highest level, showcasing their talent and contributing to memorable moments in the sport’s history. Their involvement in the Fanduel commercial with Charles Barkley further solidifies their status as a prominent figure in the sports and entertainment industry.

Awards And Achievements

Throughout their career, they have accumulated a plethora of accolades and awards, demonstrating their exceptional abilities and contributions to their sport. These accolades serve as a testament to their impact and influence in the world of sports.


Despite their success, controversies have surrounded them at various points in their career. These controversies, whether related to their behavior, statements, or actions, have been subject to public scrutiny and media attention. However, they have also shown resilience and determination in the face of such challenges, maintaining their status as a prominent and influential figure in the sports world.


FAQs: Who is With Charles Barkley in Fanduel Commercial

A: The other person with Charles Barkley in the Fanduel commercial is popular American actor and comedian, Alec Baldwin.

A: The commercial features Charles Barkley and Alec Baldwin discussing sports betting and the ease of using the Fanduel platform for placing bets on various sports.

A: While they are both well-known personalities in their respective fields, this Fanduel commercial marks the first collaboration between Charles Barkley and Alec Baldwin in a commercial.

A: The Fanduel commercial featuring Charles Barkley and Alec Baldwin was released in [insert year of release].

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