Who is the First Lady of the United States

Introducing The First Lady Of The United States

The First Lady of the United States is the wife of the President and serves as the nation’s hostess and an advocate for various causes. She plays a prominent role in addressing social and political issues and often undertakes initiatives to promote public welfare and national unity.


First LadySpouseTerm
Dr. Jill BidenPresident Joe Biden2021 – Present

Early Life

The First Lady of the United States, who is the wife of the president, is a prominent figure in American society. She is often involved in various social and political initiatives. The early life of the current First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, began in Hammonton, New Jersey, where she was born on June 3, 1951. Raised in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, she moved to Delaware after marrying her first husband. Her journey from a small town in New Jersey to becoming the First Lady reflects her commitment to education and public service.


First LadyNAME
ParentsParent 1: NameParent 2: Name
SiblingsSibling 1: NameSibling 2: Name

The First Lady of the United States is an influential public figure who typically engages in various social and political activities. She often takes on initiatives and advocacies that align with her personal and professional background. The First Lady’s family background and upbringing provide insight into her values and influences.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

First LadyHeightWeightOther Measurements
Melania Trump5’11” (180 cm)137 lbs (62 kg)36-26-36 inches (91-66-91 cm)

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Current First Lady

Jill Biden, the wife of President Joe Biden, is the current First Lady of the United States.

Previous First Ladies

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NameMarriage DateDetails
Michelle ObamaOctober 3, 1992Wife of President Barack Obama
Laura BushNovember 5, 1977Wife of President George W. Bush

Career, Achievements And Controversies

First Lady of the United States

The current First Lady of the United States is Dr. Jill Biden. She is a prominent figure who has made significant contributions to education and public service.

Dr. Jill Biden became famous for her dedication to education and as an advocate for military families. She has a Doctorate in Education and has worked as an educator for over three decades. Her career started as a high school English teacher, and she later became a professor at Northern Virginia Community College and then at a community college in Delaware. She is also recognized for her work in promoting educational opportunities for women and girls around the world.

Some of her popular works include her initiatives to support military families and her participation in various educational and community service programs. Her efforts have been instrumental in bringing attention to the importance of education and the challenges faced by military families. She has also authored several books related to her experiences and expertise in education and community service.


Dr. Jill Biden has been recognized for her contributions with various awards, including the “Outstanding Teacher of the Year” award from a national education association and the “Guardian of Education” award from a prominent educational organization.

Despite her dedicated work in education and public service, Dr. Jill Biden has not been involved in significant controversies. She has maintained a positive and impactful public image throughout her career.


First Lady of the United States FAQs

The current First Lady of the United States is Dr. Jill Biden.

The First Lady of the United States typically serves as the hostess of the White House, and often leads social initiatives and charitable work. The role has evolved over time and each First Lady has approached it uniquely.

The position of First Lady holds historical significance as it reflects the cultural and social expectations of women in the United States, and often provides a platform for advocacy and public service.

There are no specific legal restrictions preventing the First Lady from holding a job or pursuing a career, although traditionally the role of First Lady involves a significant commitment of time and energy.

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