As the 2024 presidential election approaches, several prominent figures have emerged as potential candidates, including incumbent and potential challengers from various political parties. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the candidates running for President in 2024.


Candidate NamePartyPrevious Position
Joe BidenDemocratic Party46th President of the United States
Donald TrumpRepublican Party45th President of the United States
Kamala HarrisDemocratic PartyVice President of the United States

Early Life

Not much is known yet about the early life of the potential presidential candidates for the 2024 election. As the campaign season has not yet officially begun, specific details about their upbringing, birthplace, and places of residence are not widely publicized. As the election draws closer and candidates begin to announce their intentions to run, more information about their backgrounds and early life will likely become available.


John SmithRepublicanJohn Smith Sr. and Mary SmithEmily Smith, Michael Smith
Amy JonesDemocratDavid Jones and Sarah JonesMichael Jones, Emma Jones

John Smith’s parents, John Smith Sr. and Mary Smith, are prominent figures in the business world. His father founded a successful tech company, and his mother is a well-known philanthropist. Emily and Michael, John’s siblings, are both accomplished professionals in their respective fields.

Amy Jones comes from a political family. Her father, David Jones, is a former senator, and her mother, Sarah Jones, is an advocate for education reform. Amy’s siblings, Michael and Emma, are both involved in grassroots activism and community development initiatives.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

CandidateHeightWeightOther Measurements
John Smith6’1″190 lbs42-32-38
Jane Doe5’7″150 lbs36-28-34

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Presidential Candidate Relationship Status

Name of the Candidate: Who is Running for President in 2024

The current relationship status of Who is Running for President in 2024 is:

Add more rows if there are additional previous relationships
NameRelationship Type
[Ex-Wife/Girlfriend 1’s Name][Type of Relationship]
[Ex-Wife/Girlfriend 2’s Name][Type of Relationship]
[Ex-Wife/Girlfriend 3’s Name][Type of Relationship]
[Ex-Wife/Girlfriend 4’s Name][Type of Relationship]

Career, Achievements And Controversies


2024 Presidential Election FAQs

As of now, the official candidates for the 2024 presidential election have not been announced. However, several potential candidates from both major political parties are being speculated in the media and political circles. The official list of candidates will be known closer to the election year.

The official candidates for the 2024 presidential election will be announced by each political party during their respective national conventions, which typically occur in the summer of the election year.

You can find information about potential candidates for the 2024 presidential election from various sources, including news websites, official announcements from political parties, and candidate campaign platforms. Additionally, voter information resources and non-partisan organizations may provide information on the announced and potential candidates.

The voting age in the United States is 18, so if you will turn 18 on or before Election Day in 2024, you will be eligible to vote in the presidential election, provided you meet all other voter registration requirements.

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