In this article, we will delve into the intriguing question of who is Ferran’s real dad. Ferran is a well-known social media personality, particularly famous for his appearances on his family’s YouTube channel, “The Royalty Family.” The speculation surrounding his biological father has been a subject of interest and curiosity among viewers and fans. In this article, we will explore the various theories and rumors surrounding Ferran’s paternity, providing insights and shedding light on this captivating topic.

The Background of Ferran’s Family

The Royalty Family

The Royalty Family is a popular YouTube channel known for its entertaining content centered around the lives of its members. The main characters of the channel are Andrea Espada, Ali Reza, and their son, Ferran. The family has garnered a substantial following, captivating audiences with their vibrant personalities and engaging videos.

Ferran’s Mother: Andrea Espada

Andrea Espada, a Colombian actress and social media influencer, is Ferran’s mother. She has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, gaining popularity through her charismatic on-screen presence and social media content. Andrea has built a substantial fan base and has successfully collaborated with numerous brands.

Ferran’s Stepfather: Ali Reza

Ali Reza, also known as Ali Reza Ouraies, is Ferran’s stepfather. Ali Reza is a professional boxer and fitness enthusiast who has achieved recognition through his athletic achievements and online presence. He is of Iranian descent and has embraced the role of a loving stepfather to Ferran.

The Theories and Rumors

Theory 1: Ali Reza is Ferran’s Biological Father

One prevalent theory is that Ali Reza is Ferran’s biological father. Supporters of this theory highlight the strong bond between Ali Reza and Ferran, as evident in their interactions and family dynamics. They argue that the physical resemblance between the two further strengthens this hypothesis.

Additionally, Ali Reza’s active involvement in Ferran’s life, both personally and professionally, contributes to the perception that he is Ferran’s biological father. Many viewers believe that the family’s decision to keep Ferran’s paternity undisclosed is a personal choice, respecting their privacy.

Theory 2: Unknown Biological Father

Another theory suggests that Ferran’s biological father remains unknown to the public. Supporters of this theory argue that the family has intentionally kept Ferran’s paternity a secret to protect his privacy and avoid unnecessary intrusion into their personal lives.

Those who advocate for this theory believe that Ferran’s mother and stepfather have created a loving and supportive family environment, regardless of his biological father’s identity. They emphasize that paternity does not solely define the parent-child relationship, and the love and care provided by Ali Reza are what truly matters.

Theory 3: Multiple Potential Fathers

A less common theory suggests the possibility of multiple potential fathers for Ferran. Supporters of this theory point out that Andrea Espada had a career in the entertainment industry, potentially interacting with several individuals. They argue that it is plausible for multiple individuals to be in the running as Ferran’s biological father.

While this theory may seem far-fetched, it cannot be entirely dismissed. However, without concrete evidence or statements from those involved, it remains speculative and should be approached with caution.


The question surrounding Ferran’s real dad continues to captivate the minds of fans and viewers of The Royalty Family. While theories and rumors abound, it is crucial to remember that the truth lies within the family themselves. Whether Ferran’s biological father is Ali Reza, an unknown individual, or potentially multiple individuals, it is ultimately a personal matter for the family to disclose or keep private.

What is evident is the love and support Ferran receives from his mother, Andrea Espada, and his stepfather, Ali Reza. Their commitment to creating a nurturing and joyful environment for Ferran is what truly defines their roles as parents. Let us appreciate the positive influence and happiness they bring to Ferran’s life, regardless of biological ties.

So, who is Ferran’s real dad? The answer may remain a mystery, but the love and unity within The Royalty Family are undeniably real and strong.


Q: Who is Ferran’s real dad?
A: Ferran’s real dad is Jordi Buxó, who is also known as Crazy Dad.

Q: How did Ferran become famous?
A: Ferran became famous through his appearances in his family’s YouTube channel, “The Royalty Family.”

Q: How old is Ferran?
A: Ferran was born on March 26, 2010, so he is currently 11 years old.

Q: What is Ferran’s nationality?
A: Ferran is of Spanish nationality.

Q: What are some of Ferran’s popular videos?
A: Some of Ferran’s popular videos include “We Surprised Him With His Dream Car!” and “We Surprised Her With Her Dream House!”

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